Empower your life

Come to empower yourself with the inner connection and insight. Find direction, peace, expansion, emotional/mental healing and more. Podcasts, videos, mini courses, recorded sessions, find it all here!

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Empowerlife for Kids & Teens

Kids and teens come to connect to their inner core in order to overcome their drama, trauma, tantrums, negative mindsets, and more. Help kids help themselves so they can effectively progress at home, in school, and in life!

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Advanced Training Programs

We are rolling out certifications for several advanced training programs. These education programs can be taken for personal use, to compliment your current profession, or to start your own personal practice. Empower yourself and others through professional-level training.

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Group Class Schedule & Sign-up

We are starting new classes all the time. Jump in on an upcoming class, or request to start another group for a specific class, course group, or join on the next term program.

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