Prosperity & Abundance

By Ronald Wayman

In our culture, Money is generally viewed as a symbol far beyond its usability for sustaining life.  The amount of money a person obtains can determine their status, and how much power they can yield. Money is also essential for survival, for independence, for entertainment, for acquiring an education. Money is required to achieve goals and provide support and security. What money means to you is dependent upon both your personal experience as well as that of your family and the community in general. Most people do not take into account the cultural and inherited paradigms that influence them. What they think they believe about money is simply that there is not enough of it. They believe that the solution is to work harder, learn more, cheat more, beg more, or whatever more, and then they will have more money for whatever they want more of. Their focus is on two things: 1. I want more money and 2. I don’t have enough. Or, depending upon their paradigm, their belief could be that money is evil, money is beyond my reach, or I must not be worthy of abundance. Many people who have sufficient money still find that prosperity eludes them.

Prosperity and Abundance are not built on the size of a bank account, but on the quality of a person’s heart and mind as they create an abundant life. Quantity comes with comparative ease when the qualities of abundance are created first. A person may work hard and achieve growth whether they are experiencing abundance or poverty consciousness. But there is a tremendous difference in the mindset of the abundant worker, as their work seems lighter, more fun, and more fulfilling than the person stuck in a state of survival and scarcity. I have met people whose income may be small, but they live in a more abundant state than people making 10 times as much. I have met people from all walks of life, who regardless of having small or substantial incomes, are able to create lives filled with gratitude, awareness and full abundance.

What is the key to achieving this level of prosperity, regardless of the actual numbers of your bank statement? The key is found within the heart, mind, body of the individual, and their spiritual alignment and congruence. It is entirely possible to process the beliefs and emotions that are holding you back, and transform them into a new state of creation and clarity, as you shift the focus of your beliefs and emotions. Your past can be invaluable in order to gain wisdom. Your past emotions, beliefs and traumas can also be a deterrent if you choose to retain the role of Victim, which leads you to look outside yourself for solutions, wasting your life force in blame or denial.

Why are beliefs and emotions so important? Because the mind and the function of the body are substantially influenced by them. Our bodies are constantly processing information. We receive input from the external world, as well as our mind, and our internal systems. All this information flows through the body, traveling through our sensory areas and include the part of our brain called the Limbic system. 

The Limbic system is the emotional part of our brain. Our early forebears survived due to the strong inputs of emotions. Without emotions such as fear or anger, they would not have had the motivation to act when acting meant the difference between survival and death. However, intense emotions do more than motivate action. They also affect the body. When fear stimulates action, the resulting rush of adrenaline is expended in movement. In modern times, we humans have developed more “civilized” ways to manage our emotional states internally. While this is a good thing, our emotional management often results in states of denial and suppression. However, there is a happy middle ground between “out of control” emotions and emotional shut-down. A rich, bountiful life is one that fully experiences a range of emotions in a healthy state of balance. When we clear our suppressed emotions, we become more authentic and congruent with our desires and intentions.

Just like emotions, our Beliefs influence our behavior and the creation of a prosperous life. For every belief, there is always an attached emotion. Our beliefs include deeply imbedded programming set by our families and culture, as well as the beliefs we adopted through our personal experiences. These are all stored in our bodies, and unless the emotional underpinnings are addressed, the associated undesirable behaviors and consequences return. Thus, to clear out the baggage that weighs down our spirit, both beliefs and emotions must be addressed.

To illustrate this concept, think of a desire that has eluded you, such as, “I want to be wealthy”. If, when you think of wealth it brings up memories of Mom or Dad saying, “The Rich are Proud, and Money is Evil”, then that belief is embedded in your subconscious, and every time you try to invest or do business this belief could influence the outcome. These embedded false beliefs dirty or divert the stream of energy that the universe sends to you.  The energy is Diverted to poverty instead of abundance. It is not the universe that is causing the problem. The universe or God will always give you the desire of your heart. In other words, God will always send you the energy and gifts you desire based upon the path you have created to receive that energy.

If that path is full of fear, beliefs that money is evil, suppressed emotions, trapped trauma, etc., then the boundless energy is diverted. Like a boulder in a river, we create the obstructions in our lives. The river still flows, but we block our ability to receive. In order to experience the fullness of prosperity and abundance, it is necessary to clear the path.

“I love it. Ron has helped me get the business I want, the house I want. He has helped my kids with their health and their minds. Thanks Ron I don’t know what we would do without you.”

– Brook M. Bountiful, UT

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