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Live Clear and Live light Essential oils

Essential Oil Blends:

Live Clear & Live Light:

The two essential oil blends from Live by Heart, are Live Clear and Live Light. They are unique and were created to help people with their moods, anxiety, depression, burdens, overwhelm. And with the immune system that causes inflammation and physical stress.

They can be used for people with injuries and pain. They can be used for the immune system, for illness. They can be used for bug bites and body irritations. They can be used for infections, candida, fungus, and other inflammations.

The Live Clear and Light Live work together in helping the body relax and connect back to itself. They seem to affect the nervous system, thus effecting the muscles and nerves that come from the spine.

It has been amazing to find new and positive uses for these essential oil blends. These blends are highly concentrated and not diluted. If you are skin sensitive, add a carrier oil, like avocado oil to your application. We decided to create these for high function and support so use them that is best for you.

Some examples of how to use these blends are listed below:

Achy Muscles: Apply Light to the achy muscle. Apply Clear to the opposite side of the body that mirrors that same muscle. 

If it does not relax, do the opposite with Clear on the muscle and Light on the opposite side of the body.

Or, follow the muscle up to the sides of the vertebrae. Apply the Clear to the side of the vertebrae that are being pulled out of position and apply Light to the opposite side of the vertebrae.

In greater detail:

For example, if you have a Tight muscle, that is contracted then try one of the following.

  1. Put Live Clear near the vertebrae of the spine of that is being pulled out to the side. This is the muscle that is contracting because the spinal nerve is being activated too much. This will feel like the muscle is tight and contracted. Then apply Live Light to the opposite side of the vertebrae of the spine. This side of Light is probably where the muscle is getting fatigued trying to fight the constant contracting of the Clear side.
    1. Example, Tight shoulders and neck. Go to the neck and find the vertebrae that are being pulled out to the side. That is where you put Live Clear. Apply Live Light to the opposite side. Of the vertebrae of the neck.
  2. Most often, Clear goes on the tight contracted muscle, and Light goes on the achy muscle.
  3. In general, the contracted tight muscle is obeying the nervous system command to contract and not shutting off. Put the Live Clear (the blue labeled one) on the contracted muscle. 

Apply the Live Light (the green labeled one) on the same muscle that is on the opposite side of the body. For example, if the muscle is on your left leg that is too tight and contracted that is where the Clear (blue one) goes. Then the Light (green one) goes on your right leg on the muscle that is the same one but opposite leg.

  1. If that doesn’t work, then do the opposite. Apply Light to the tight muscle – it might be the achy and weakened muscle. Then Apply Clear to the opposite muscle on the other side of the body.
  2. Another option is to find the beginning of the muscle and put Live Light on that area. Find the end of the muscle and put Live Clear there. 
    1. How do you know the beginning or end of the muscle? You can look it up on the internet. Or, learn a few facts: most muscles start and end with a joint or point of movement. The end of the muscle will pull the body to move or change. Like a rope, the end of the muscle is the end of the rope, as the rope contracts it pulls the bone that it is attached to towards you. The beginning of the muscle will not move that area, it is like the root of the tree stable and waiting for the end of rope to bring the other area of the body closer to it.

Injuries (New or Old): Put Live Light on the injury. Also, apply Light to Spleen 6. Apply Live Clear to Triple Heater 8 (San Jiao 8). 

Allergies: Apply Light around the upper lip and under the nose. 

Apply Clear to Liver 8, Liver 14, Kidney 3, Lung 7, Sacrum S2 to S4, Toes, Small Intestines 7

Apply Light to Liver 3, Kidney 6

If headache, add Light to the front of the forehead, and Clear to the back of the head.

Adrenal Stress: Overwhelmed, difficulty staying asleep, getting too fatigued.

Use during the day, not at bedtime: 

Apply Clear to Small Intestines 15 and Kidney 11. Apply Light to Small Intestines 19.

Fungus or Candida overgrowth:

Apply Clear to Large Intestines 7, Kidney 13 and Sacrum S2 to S4, and to the Toes. 

Apply Light to Kidney 15 and LI 3

Dry Headache: use fungus/candida overgrowth points AND add Light on headache area and Clear on opposite side of head.

Athlete’s foot: Apply Clear to Toes. (Experiment with adding the fungus points).


There are several types of arthritis. So, experiment.

Apply Clear to the joint or joints that are inflamed.

Apply Light to Pericardium 6, Triple Heater 5 (San Jiao 5), Small Intestines 8

Apply Clear to Spleen 4, Gall Bladder 41, Bladder 40

Addictive habits: Apply Clear to Lu 7 and Light to Ki 6

Anxiety or Depression:

For feelings of being anxious and too worried or feeling a down and possible depression

  1. Apply Light to Pericardium 6, and Clear to Spleen 4


  1. Apply Clear to Gall Bladder 12 and to Pericardium 3. And apply Light to Bladder 55 and to Kidney 3


  1. If really anxious, add Light to Kidney 21

Itching from Mosquitos bites or Bug Bites: apply Clear to the itchy injured area.

Inflamed and festering little wound: – Clear on the Wound and/or around the wound. And apply Light on the opposite side of the body that matches the wounded area.

Headache at your forehead: Light on the area, and Clear on the back of the head that is the polar opposite. Clear on the Sacrum S2 to S4.

Headache on top of your head: – Clear on the toes, on the Sacrum. Apply Light on the top of the head, and Central Vessel 17 (Ren 17). (consider the fungus locations).

A great site on the internet to look up point locations is:


More Information: 

Irritable bowel syndrome: Clear on Kidney 4, Light on Large intestines 7

Pain at Low Back: Clear on Kidney 3, Light on Spleen 3