Live Clean

Body Cleansing Support

The Live Clean supplement was created to help people with the vast functions of the liver. Because the liver is involved with so many functions (hundreds of functions) it can help you with detoxification issues, digestion problems, sleep problems, immune problems, injuries, cholesterol, weight, and even emotional and mood problems. 

  • Detoxification Issues
  • Digestion Problems
  • Sleep Problems
  • Immune Problems
  • Injuries
  • Cholesterol
  • Weight
  • Emotional & Mood Problems
  • PLUS! Releasing Rashes, Sinus Problems, Injuries, Hormonal Issues and more.

Whenever you drink, eat, take a medication, or supplement the liver is challenged. Whenever you get upset or worried the liver is challenged. Whenever you lose sleep or get sick the liver is challenged. Whenever someone overeats or eats junk food the liver is challenged. Whenever trying a major new diet, or detoxing, or fasting, or dealing with life the liver is challenged. When a person is depressed, anxious, moody the liver is involved and challenged. 

Recommended Use:

The Live Clean is a calming stabilizing supplement for the liver to help it do its job. But it is still powerful enough to make you feel some effects. So, it is wise to start with 1 capsule a day and then after a week, go to 2 or 3 a day. I recommend, using it 5 to 6 days a week, and giving the liver a rest once a week.

Week One: 1 capsule per day

Weeks Two+: 2-3 capsules per day for 5-6 days (liver rests one day)

Complimentary Products:

It is helpful to use our essential oil blends of Live Clear and Live Light.

When the body is ready to release the stuck infections or toxins, if the release is too much, slow down and even get some greens, or phytoplankton or spirulina to help nourish the body, and drink water, and get some needed sleep and rest.

Create powerful change

Live Clean has made a big difference in releasing rashes, sinus problems, injuries, hormonal issues. Remember the supplement is not the most important part – you are, your body is the boss. Listen to your body. Be good to your body. When you ignore your body or mentally beat yourself up, then that challenges the liver – it makes the process last longer and harder. Be strong with positive thoughts, caring feelings, and energetic support of your body (Breathing, resting, and healthy exercising).

Support the Mind and Body

To transform the mental-emotional contribution to liver and detoxification health go to the Mind-Body Dictionary app and look up “Liver”. There you will discover the shadow mindsets that are contributing to any liver imbalance, along with the empowering mindset to facilitate healing. You will also be able to use the affirmations to assist in creating change in your mind and heart.