Life Centering with Breathe and Awareness

Looking for peace? 

While many people seek joy, happiness and peace, this positive state would be easier to maintain if they would simply take a few minutes to center and do a daily meditation.  Life Centering contains more than 30 meditations and Centering practices that cover a variety of issues, and are intended to integrate the body, mind, heart and soul.


Finding your Center will help you clarify what is most important for you. You will establish personal boundaries, and not be pushed around in the tide of other people’s choices.


Use these simple, yet powerful tools for enhancing Creation and Abundance, removing blockages, releasing pain, finding Gratitude and Joy, and balancing emotions.

Want to Release Weight?

Find Affirmations and Meditations for healing emotional conflicts, and connecting with your body’s true needs and desires.

Experiencing Physical Symptoms?

Refer to the Bio-Fire Alarm Charts to identify possible associated mental/emotional symptoms and suggested affirmations.

This collection, when used for only minutes a day will integrate the various aspects of your being into one powerful and complete whole.

Life Centering includes:

Affirmations and mantras, Breathing techniques, Grounding and Centering techniques. Meditations for Centering, improving sleep, weight loss, healing emotional conflicts, Stretching and Centered Journaling, Ceremonies and routines, Bio-Fire Alarm Charts

Life Centering enables you to connect to the disparate parts of yourself that have been screaming to be integrated into your life. Only when the whole self is in alignment, can you create and form the life you desire. This book covers techniques of Breathing, Meditation, and Visualization combined with the deeper understandings of Intent, Gratitude, and Wisdom, taught in a format that is easy to understand and follow. There are several levels of techniques to choose from to support you in creating a peaceful and productive life.

This new expanded version includes major additions to the information about the workings of the brain, a Glossary of terms, and several breathing procedures that offer productivity and calmness. As a result, this brings a powerful life centering experience to your daily life.

Your Tools for Transformation:

  • Affirmations and mantras
  • Breathing techniques
  • Grounding and Centering techniques
  • Meditations for Centering, improving sleep, weight loss,

and healing emotional conflicts

  • Stretching
  • Centered Journaling
  • Ceremonies and routines
  • Bio-Fire Alarm Charts

You can find Life Centering with Breath and Awareness on

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