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Life Centering with Breathe and Awareness

Looking for peace?  While many people seek joy, happiness and peace, this positive state would be easier to maintain if they would simply take a few minutes to center and do a daily meditation.  Life Centering contains more than 30 meditations and Centering practices that cover a variety of issues, and are intended to integrate […]

Artisan Spice Blend

The Great Cooking Good Looking Spice Blend was created to help people with digestion, moods, blood sugar, cravings, and immune health. It works and it so fun to find out, all the many ways to use the blend. In eggs, or on rice, on potatoes, on meat, or as tea. If you are feeling cold, […]

Live Clean

Body Cleansing Support Recommended Use: The Live Clean is a calming stabilizing supplement for the liver to help it do its job. But it is still powerful enough to make you feel some effects. So, it is wise to start with 1 capsule a day and then after a week, go to 2 or 3 […]

Live Clear & Live Light

Essential Oil Blends: Live Clear & Live Light: The two essential oil blends from Live by Heart, are Live Clear and Live Light. They are unique and were created to help people with their moods, anxiety, depression, burdens, overwhelm. And with the immune system that causes inflammation and physical stress. They can be used for […]