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Centering Dynamics

Centering is a powerful tool to help bring balance to the stress filled life. Without balance you use twice the energy to get half as much done as the person who is centered. The book is an introduction to balancing your life without major difficulty. The book is packed full of techniques but each technique is easy to follow and useable now. You do not have to have a lot of training to use this book. After using these techniques you can look into advance training from Ron and and from other teachers for balance, healing, and abundance of life energy.

The book includes emotional and physical methods, using colors and sounds, breathing techniques and affirmations, as well, as insights and wisdom to help change the beliefs that may block you from being centered and balance.

The following are some excerpts from the book Centering Dynamics. The book encompasses the discovery and releasing of stress and stressors, breathing techniques, emotions, color, pain relief, visualizations, creating prosperity and abundance, food, and other topics around balancing you and your life with Centering.

An excerpt from the book Centering Dynamics by Ronald Wayman. Make an easy and profound difference in your life today. To order call 801-566-6262.

By Ronald B. Wayman

The mind's chatter is most common when there is a fear deep inside that your sub-conscious is hiding from you. So it sends a message to the brain to do the "noise-thing" as a distraction. The brain sends messages to the mind to talk and make noise. The hard part is to calm the mind. If the sub-conscious is afraid to deal with the possible revelation, the calming techniques often fail.

In that case, there are still things you can do. Replace your anger, resistance and opposition with understanding, integration and gratitude. With the understanding that you can flow the resistive energy of the fearful parts of yourself and work with your body when there is chatter and noise. Face your fear, go into it, feel it, go through it and you will be empowered. Be patient.

For example, Linda was a sensitive woman with intelligence and intuition. Her sensory sensitivity sometimes made her body and mind react in a negative way. So her subconscious created a diversion with mind chatter. Linda learned to recognize the times of intense chatter-that show up as fear, doubt, criticism of self and sometimes others-as a signal that her body was hiding something. She would get mad at herself about such awareness, but now she connects through some of these centering techniques and meditation to that fearful part of herself. She coaches and supports herself to be safe rather than attacking and re-creating the problem.

She breathes deep. Whether or not she can cognitively recognize the problem, she relaxes her body and consciously reassures her mind and heart.
She uses the following Calming the Mind Meditation: "I can trust." "You can be fine." "You are safe." "Let's relax." "This is recuperation time." "There is nothing to do right now but relax." "There is nothing to worry about right now." "There is nothing but breathing and re-creating newness within." "Everything will take care of itself."

While saying these affirmations, she used one of the centering breathing techniques in the book. She breathed out the negative thoughts and breathed in the new positive affirmations. Saying these types of affirmations while in a calm breathing state will assist if sincerely offered and not forced. Often you need to feel the fear or the emotion and choose to expel it on the out-breathe. The focus on the feeling gives the body a pathway for those beliefs and fears to surface and be expelled. Often the problem is not the fear but the lack of a path for its completion. Consider the meditation as "the path" to assist you in flowing the fears through and out of the body.

If the fear and chatter continue, choose to go to the creative space of the mind and brain and create a story around the chatter and let it play out for a while as you continue the breathing and meditation. The creative space of the mind is the door into the Alpha space. The alpha frequency is the door to deeper states of consciousness.

It is okay when the body does not cooperate and continues to create chatter and noise. The persistent nature of the chatter is indicative of the level of deep concern of the inner self. Try using visualizations and take your mind on a trip to resolve itself. When in this situation use the nostril breath technique (discussed later) to start the centering meditation, the brain loves the wonderful direct oxygen. Flow that energy through the body and the mind calms down. You may enjoy coloring the centering, which focuses the mind on the visual field instead of the chatter. Refer to the rainbow centering technique.

If you still hear chatter use other centering techniques, such as counting the out-breath until you are relaxed and not in the mind anymore. Use a candle and focus on the flame. Start an affirmation and let it resonate with the in-breath throughout your body, mind and heart. (The affirmation technique discusses this further). A mantra with a sound vibration, is effective due to the repetitive nature and also because certain sounds have been shown to have deep healing power on those who are centered and aligned.

Replacing a healing sound for a disruptive one is simple. Sounds effect the emotional brain immediately. Proactive sound generation can shift your path quickly.

(In the Centering Dynamics Book a list of sounds and the respective organs they effect is listed.) to order Call 801-566-6262

The most common sound is "Om-m" or "Aum". It is delivered from the depth of the abdomen, with calmness in the out-breath. This sound can be found in many native religions around the world and many people hear this sound when they cover their ears and listen within or when they listen to a seashell held up to their ear. "Om is the sound nature makes when it is pleased with itself," wrote mythologist Joseph Campbell.

To recap the possibilities of calming the mind:
  1. Acknowledge the chatter. Flow with the noise. Give it a path to leave. Work with the chatter. Use affirmations of reassurance. Feel the emotions and fear and give it a path to resolve. Visualize color, a nature scene or create a story about the chatter. Create a mantra (sound/affirmation coming from you). Hear a sound (coming from outside yourself, music, tones or notes). Count. Focus on a candle flame. Focus on the breath. Use the nostril breathing centering technique. Be creative. Process the chatter with the emotional centering technique from that section in the Centering Dynamics Book.
  2. Feel the gratitude.
End of excerpts from the Centering Dynamics by Ronald Wayman

There are over 45 Easy-to-use Techniques in the book with great insights about life.

To order Call 801-566-6262

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