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Candida: Causes & Solutions

By Ronald Wayman

Warning: the following is for information only. Seek professional help with any medical and health condition.

What is Candida?
Candida is a detrimental, yeast-like fungi. Of the 70-different species of Candida yeast, the most well-known is Candida albicans. Candida albicans inhabits the intestines of all humans. The excessive proliferation of Candida albicans is called Candidiasis, which can be found in the intestines, vagina, mouth, or esophagus. Systemic Candidiasis is an overgrowth of candida throughout the body. It is estimated that 1/3rd of the world’s population suffer from Candida albicans overgrowth.

Candida is usually found in the colon, but with excessive growth, it can penetrate the lining of the colon, then may spread to the bladder, vagina, small intestines, blood, lymph, brain, lung, and other areas of the body. Usually linked with bladder infections, it can also be associated with:

  • sore throats
  • mind confusion
  • headaches
  • body aches and pains
  • most major illnesses
  • minor and major fatigue
  • dizziness or vertigo
  • ear problems
  • fluid retention
  • cravings
  • athlete’s foot
  • psoriasis
  • extreme sensitivities to the environment
  • mood swings
  • vaginal infections
  • diarrhea
  • constipation
  • bloating
  • and others

When a person is experiencing Candida overgrowth, it may become difficult to lose weight, to regain health if in poor-health, to build strength, to learn, for some to get pregnant, and many other manifestations. People who continually get streptococcus or staph infections could consider candida overgrowth. People who suffer from sinus headaches, ear aches, lung congestion, or migraines could also be assisted by the Candida Diet suggestions and supplements.

Most often allergies or food sensitivities are accompanied by Candida overgrowth and can add further stress to the body. The body’s immune response to Candida increases the food sensitivities, and the food sensitivities burden the immune system, thus creating a vicious cycle. This cycle begins in the intestines. The bowel normally blocks toxins and larger food particles from the rest of the body, but when invaded by yeast overgrowth, the intestinal lining becomes inflamed and larger particles can then pass through this lining into the blood stream. The blood travels to the liver, which becomes overwhelmed with these large particles and with the extra detoxification needed. 

The liver cannot handle all the extra load, so the lymph system takes part of the burden. The lymph triggers the body’s immune response, which is already confused and overwhelmed with the yeast and candida overgrowth elsewhere. Also, the kidney is challenged when the lymph is struggling. The kidney needs to process proteins, and immune cells are made of protein.

The body becomes “sluggish”, fatigued, sick, and thus begins a downward spiral of illness. In fact, in the liver, if candida is not detoxified, candida can produce other toxins such as acetaldehyde, which converts to formaldehyde, alcohol, carbon monoxide, and other toxins.

How did I get it?
There are many factors that can cause Candida overgrowth. Mishandling stress, not enough sleep, lack of proper nutrients from the diet, poor eating habits, excessive use of antibiotics, excessive use of drugs, steroids, for some – the contraceptive pill, pregnancy, hormonal changes, excessive use of low-quality supplements, eating sugar, excessive carbohydrates, for some- sensitivities to dairy and/or gluten, MSG, alcohol, coffee, tea, too much junk food or processed food, mercury or metal toxicity, environmental toxins, injury or surgery, stress caused by abuse or trauma, and lack of proper enzymes. Another view, is the stressful living of western society causes the adrenal glands to become overwhelmed and fatigued. B vitamins are then in demand by the adrenals and the liver and when the B vitamins are low, it is possible that fungus and Candida have a bigger foothold in your system. These are just some of the possible catalysts for Candidiasis.

So, how do I get a handle on it? 
One way is through the diet. The diet full of junk food and sugar and/or “eating on the run” will feed and maintain the candida in the body. This diet is usually lacking in enzymes and causes stress on the body’s endocrine and digestive systems. When the digestive system is taxed, then fungus, bacteria, molds, other yeasts, viruses, and Candida can have a great time multiplying in a body. 

You can minimize the overgrowth by eating correctly:

  1. Chew slowly
  2. Eating a variety of foods
  3. Eat foods that are fresh
  4. Avoid juices and eat whole foods
  5. Avoid sugar and simple carbohydrates (i.e. pastries, candy bars, donuts, etc.)
  6. Supplement with digestive enzymes
    1. Digestive enzymes make a major difference in most people’s diets. Not only do they assist in breaking down the yeast, the enzymes help the body assimilate badly needed nutrients.
  7. Eat a papaya or pineapple with your meal
    1. (if you get sores by eating pineapple, that is a viral issue)

You are what you assimilate and absorb from your food.

Drink water, stay hydrated, take enzymes, eat a balanced diet, stop eating junk, eat in peace, and work toward a balanced emotional life.

If you take care of your current and past emotional stresses and consume a proper diet of live and whole foods, you might not need so much supplementation. But until you choose to do that, balance your diet as much as possible, supplement with enzymes, and begin taking care of your emotional and mental stressors.

Emotionally, Candida is associated with helplessness, hopelessness, secrecy, fear of responsibility, too much responsibility, overwhelming burden, suppressed rage, terror, lack of confidence, or betrayal. Often, there are beliefs that can bring in negative thoughts and negative feelings that keep a person stuck. Beliefs, such as, “no matter how hard I try, I can’t _______”   (win, get what I want, be loved, have control, be happy, be loved, be good enough, etc.). 

Candida overgrowth is not just about food! To truly heal, you must address your physical, mental, emotional, and spiritual aspects. Focus on those stagnant emotions you’re holding in your body, mind and heart. Find ways to download these emotions. Dig deep, remembering that anything you can release, is something you no longer must carry around. Utilize a journal, a friend, a therapist, an animal, or whatever works for you. Just get it out! By this I mean trapped emotions that you have stuffed in your body, which can suppress your immune system and inhibit your ability to release Candida. This includes resentments to people, events and for many, to oneself.

Let it go and get well.

For a diagnosis, see your health care professional. For your personal interest, use the following chart to find the foods that are suggested for people with Candida problems. Often, the Candida spreads to areas that are not tested in standard medical practices, so after visiting your medical professional, it can be helpful to visit a Naturopath, Homeopathic Physician or Applied Kinesiologist for additional assistance.

For emotional assistance with candida consider Life Centering with Breath and Awareness

Anti – Candida Diet Suggestions
These are suggestions. This is a general list. Each individual should seek professional health advice from their health practitioner. For some cases, ask your practitioner about using nutritional plant enzymes and the bifidobacteria form of acidophilus.

Warning: the following is for information only. Seek professional help with any medical and health conditions.

Added SugarsJam, Honey, Fruit Juices, Syrup, Biscuits, Dried Fruit, Chocolate, Yogurt, Drinks, etc.
FruitNo Fruit except Avocado, fresh Grapefruit, Lemon, Banana, for some Sour Apple, for some Orange.
Yeast ProductsBread, Pizza, B Vitamins from yeast source, Breadcrumbs, Citric Acid from fungal source.
AlcoholWine, Beer, Brandy, Cider, etc.
Fermented ProductsMiso, Vinegar, Tomato Sauce, Pickles, Barbecue Sauce, Olives, Horseradish, Salad Dressings, Relish, Sauerkraut, etc.
MSGSome Chinese food, 2 minute noodles, some soups, flavored chips and snacks
GlutenWheat, Cakes, Pastries, non-pure Rye, for some Oats, for some Barley, for some any rice, for others just non-brown rice
Dairy ProductsMilk, Cheese, Ice Cream, for some eggs.
Molds and FungiPeanuts, Pistachios, Soy Sauce, Mushrooms.
StimulantsCoffee, Tea, Cola, Cigarettes
Food AdditivesColoring, Flavoring, Preservatives, Thickeners, Anti-Caking Agents
Processed Meats/Smoked MeatsSalami, Sausage, Hot Dogs, Pastrami, Corned Beef, etc.
Processed FoodsProcessed Cheese, etc.
OilsHeated Oils (except pure virgin olive oil), Oxidized Oils, Margarine, etc.
Left OversIf they grow mold.
Starchy VegetablesCorn, Potatoes, Dried Beans, etc., for some peas.
The FOODS that are Allowed
Meats/FishMeats that are Free Range (Chicken, Beef, Turkey, Lamb). Fresh Fish, Seafood, Tuna, Salmon.
VegetablesAll vegetables: except Potatoes, Tomatoes, Mushrooms, for some Peas, Corn.
SproutsAlfalfa, Lentil, Mung Bean, Fenugreek, Flax Seed, Radish, etc.
LegumesFor some people they can have Beans, Chick Peas, Lentils, hummus without Vinegar, Peas.
FruitLimited – Coconut, Lemon, Banana, Grapefruit, Sour Apple for some.
Grains and PastaFor some people – Brown Rice, Millet, Quinoa, Amaranth, Buckwheat
NutsUnprocessed Nuts: Almond, Brazil Nut, Walnut, Hazelnut
SeedsUnprocessed Seeds: Sesame Seeds, Sunflower Seeds, Linseed, Pumpkin Seed
Nut ButtersTahini, Almond Butter, not Peanut Butter
OilsCold Pressed Oils: Olive, Sunflower, Safflower, Linseed, Avocado, Apricot, Almond
YogurtNon-Sweetened Yogurt, Pure Yogurt, Goat and Sheep Milk Yogurt
MilkSoy Milk, Almond Milk, for some Rice Milk. Without maltodextrins or sugar.
SpicesCinnamon, Nutmeg, Ginger, Garlic, Onion, etc.
SweetenerStevia (for some), FOS – Fructo-oligosaccharides which assist acidophilus bacteria
BreadSprouted Grains, Spelt, Pure Rye (for some)
CrackersRice Cakes, Pure Rye, Buckwheat Crispbread
Other FoodsKelp, Spirulina, Carrots, Garlic
Herbs and Foods that Inhibit Candida Albicans
AgrimonyAnti-Fungal properities
BarberryInhibits proliferation (Berberine)
Black WalnutAnti-Fungal, Anti-Parasitic
CarrotInhibits Candida (Phytoalexin compound)
CinnamonInhibits growth
Dandelion RootTea – Cleanses liver, inhibits growth of Candida
EchinaceaPrevents recurrence of Candida proliferation
GarlicCan eliminate Candida from body – not in excessive amounts
GoldensealSuppresses Candida (Berberine)
Lemon GrassOil – inhbits proliferation
MasticInhibits and destroys Candida albicans
NeemInhibits growth
Oregon Grape RootInhibits the proliferation
OreganoInhibits growth
Oregano oilInhibits growth (to be used topically and cautiously)
Pau D’ArcoInhibits and destroys Candida albicans
PhellodendronInhibits and helps to destroy
PropolisBee propolis (regionalized) suppresses the proliferation of Candida
SpirulinaInhibits Candida Albicans
SumaInhibits Candida
YogurtNon-sugar, more pure forms of high quality bacteria. Lactobacillus acidphilus, Lactobacillus rhamnosis, Bifidobacteria bifidus
Supplements that Enhance the Eradication of Candida
BiotinHelps prevent the proliferation of Candida
BromelainDigestive enzyme found in pineapple enhances immune function against Candida
Caprylic AcidInhibits Candida growth
CellulaseA plant enzyme for breakdown of plant fibers
Coenzyme Q10Helps with the elimination of Candida
CopperIncreases immune function if in proper balance with zinc
GermaniumMineral – inhibits growth of Candida
LactoferrinA form of Bovine Colostrum or whey protein
NystatinOn contact kills Candida. May not go to all parts of body.
ProteaseDigestive enzyme
SilverColloidal Silver destroys Candida
Tea Tree OilFor vaginal proliferation
Vitamin C
Vitamin E
ZincIncreases immune function helping the body fight Candida
Kinergetics Unit 3, Philip Rafferty
Hyperhealth Pro ver.3
The Yeast Connection by Dr. William Crook.

Life Centering with Breathe and Awareness

Looking for peace? 

While many people seek joy, happiness and peace, this positive state would be easier to maintain if they would simply take a few minutes to center and do a daily meditation.  Life Centering contains more than 30 meditations and Centering practices that cover a variety of issues, and are intended to integrate the body, mind, heart and soul.


Finding your Center will help you clarify what is most important for you. You will establish personal boundaries, and not be pushed around in the tide of other people’s choices.


Use these simple, yet powerful tools for enhancing Creation and Abundance, removing blockages, releasing pain, finding Gratitude and Joy, and balancing emotions.

Want to Release Weight?

Find Affirmations and Meditations for healing emotional conflicts, and connecting with your body’s true needs and desires.

Experiencing Physical Symptoms?

Refer to the Bio-Fire Alarm Charts to identify possible associated mental/emotional symptoms and suggested affirmations.

This collection, when used for only minutes a day will integrate the various aspects of your being into one powerful and complete whole.

Life Centering includes:

Affirmations and mantras, Breathing techniques, Grounding and Centering techniques. Meditations for Centering, improving sleep, weight loss, healing emotional conflicts, Stretching and Centered Journaling, Ceremonies and routines, Bio-Fire Alarm Charts

Life Centering enables you to connect to the disparate parts of yourself that have been screaming to be integrated into your life. Only when the whole self is in alignment, can you create and form the life you desire. This book covers techniques of Breathing, Meditation, and Visualization combined with the deeper understandings of Intent, Gratitude, and Wisdom, taught in a format that is easy to understand and follow. There are several levels of techniques to choose from to support you in creating a peaceful and productive life.

This new expanded version includes major additions to the information about the workings of the brain, a Glossary of terms, and several breathing procedures that offer productivity and calmness. As a result, this brings a powerful life centering experience to your daily life.

Your Tools for Transformation:

  • Affirmations and mantras
  • Breathing techniques
  • Grounding and Centering techniques
  • Meditations for Centering, improving sleep, weight loss,

and healing emotional conflicts

  • Stretching
  • Centered Journaling
  • Ceremonies and routines
  • Bio-Fire Alarm Charts

You can find Life Centering with Breath and Awareness on

Prosperity & Abundance

By Ronald Wayman

In our culture, Money is generally viewed as a symbol far beyond its usability for sustaining life.  The amount of money a person obtains can determine their status, and how much power they can yield. Money is also essential for survival, for independence, for entertainment, for acquiring an education. Money is required to achieve goals and provide support and security. What money means to you is dependent upon both your personal experience as well as that of your family and the community in general. Most people do not take into account the cultural and inherited paradigms that influence them. What they think they believe about money is simply that there is not enough of it. They believe that the solution is to work harder, learn more, cheat more, beg more, or whatever more, and then they will have more money for whatever they want more of. Their focus is on two things: 1. I want more money and 2. I don’t have enough. Or, depending upon their paradigm, their belief could be that money is evil, money is beyond my reach, or I must not be worthy of abundance. Many people who have sufficient money still find that prosperity eludes them.

Prosperity and Abundance are not built on the size of a bank account, but on the quality of a person’s heart and mind as they create an abundant life. Quantity comes with comparative ease when the qualities of abundance are created first. A person may work hard and achieve growth whether they are experiencing abundance or poverty consciousness. But there is a tremendous difference in the mindset of the abundant worker, as their work seems lighter, more fun, and more fulfilling than the person stuck in a state of survival and scarcity. I have met people whose income may be small, but they live in a more abundant state than people making 10 times as much. I have met people from all walks of life, who regardless of having small or substantial incomes, are able to create lives filled with gratitude, awareness and full abundance.

What is the key to achieving this level of prosperity, regardless of the actual numbers of your bank statement? The key is found within the heart, mind, body of the individual, and their spiritual alignment and congruence. It is entirely possible to process the beliefs and emotions that are holding you back, and transform them into a new state of creation and clarity, as you shift the focus of your beliefs and emotions. Your past can be invaluable in order to gain wisdom. Your past emotions, beliefs and traumas can also be a deterrent if you choose to retain the role of Victim, which leads you to look outside yourself for solutions, wasting your life force in blame or denial.

Why are beliefs and emotions so important? Because the mind and the function of the body are substantially influenced by them. Our bodies are constantly processing information. We receive input from the external world, as well as our mind, and our internal systems. All this information flows through the body, traveling through our sensory areas and include the part of our brain called the Limbic system. 

The Limbic system is the emotional part of our brain. Our early forebears survived due to the strong inputs of emotions. Without emotions such as fear or anger, they would not have had the motivation to act when acting meant the difference between survival and death. However, intense emotions do more than motivate action. They also affect the body. When fear stimulates action, the resulting rush of adrenaline is expended in movement. In modern times, we humans have developed more “civilized” ways to manage our emotional states internally. While this is a good thing, our emotional management often results in states of denial and suppression. However, there is a happy middle ground between “out of control” emotions and emotional shut-down. A rich, bountiful life is one that fully experiences a range of emotions in a healthy state of balance. When we clear our suppressed emotions, we become more authentic and congruent with our desires and intentions.

Just like emotions, our Beliefs influence our behavior and the creation of a prosperous life. For every belief, there is always an attached emotion. Our beliefs include deeply imbedded programming set by our families and culture, as well as the beliefs we adopted through our personal experiences. These are all stored in our bodies, and unless the emotional underpinnings are addressed, the associated undesirable behaviors and consequences return. Thus, to clear out the baggage that weighs down our spirit, both beliefs and emotions must be addressed.

To illustrate this concept, think of a desire that has eluded you, such as, “I want to be wealthy”. If, when you think of wealth it brings up memories of Mom or Dad saying, “The Rich are Proud, and Money is Evil”, then that belief is embedded in your subconscious, and every time you try to invest or do business this belief could influence the outcome. These embedded false beliefs dirty or divert the stream of energy that the universe sends to you.  The energy is Diverted to poverty instead of abundance. It is not the universe that is causing the problem. The universe or God will always give you the desire of your heart. In other words, God will always send you the energy and gifts you desire based upon the path you have created to receive that energy.

If that path is full of fear, beliefs that money is evil, suppressed emotions, trapped trauma, etc., then the boundless energy is diverted. Like a boulder in a river, we create the obstructions in our lives. The river still flows, but we block our ability to receive. In order to experience the fullness of prosperity and abundance, it is necessary to clear the path.

“I love it. Ron has helped me get the business I want, the house I want. He has helped my kids with their health and their minds. Thanks Ron I don’t know what we would do without you.”

– Brook M. Bountiful, UT

Emotional Weight Loss and Clutter

By Ronald Wayman

Clutter can be incredibly damaging to any lifestyle. It can weigh down the mind, heart, body and soul. When a person addicted to keeping clutter is asked to clean house, they will often cringe because each item kept has a purpose, a reason, a safety feeling. Clutter is a buffer against the unknown. Clutter is a protector. But this does not have to be so. Clutter in reality is not truly safe and not truly a protector against the unknown. It just may seem so.

Excess weight on and in the body is a mirror of the clutter in most overweight individuals. I have noted that many people who have cleaned up their life start losing weight. They act out what they feel around them in their environment. And if they clean up their environment, subconsciously they are cleaning up internal sabotages to weight loss.

I received this email from my client Suzie about clutter and weight loss:

“Hey Ronaldo!
I did get your letter. Thanks.
I think you pretty much nailed it down on everything.
Basically my whole focus right now is on losing this excess weight. It’s just so frustrating! And when I look around at all the things I have to do it makes me crazy and with all the junk I’m hanging on to I could just scream. And yet when I go to clean or organize it, it’s like I don’t know where to put everything or how to organize it and some days it feels like I’m going slower than tar. I don’t know what things to keep of my children’s and I’m afraid if I get rid of something I might need it again.”

I know this is just a big hang up, but there are a lot of people like me out there with the same problem. My neighbor said it was hard for her to throw some things out, too.”

My reply:
Hi Suzie,
Thank you for your email.
You say in your email that your focus is on weight loss but it seems to be on “the clutter” and getting rid of it. The great part is – getting rid of clutter is one the key areas of weight loss – both physically and emotionally/mentally. The problem might be the focus that you apply to the all that clutter in your home. That focus makes the clutter even more negative. Every time you feel guilty and blame yourself when you see the clutter you will lose more personal power to those stacks.

Start seeing the clutter as a subconscious message from inside that you want to clean up the junk inside but your body is having a hard time knowing what to do with it once it is up. Take the clutter as messages of deeper unorganized stuff that can now be cleared. Most who do this stop blaming themselves and change their focus to cleaning up their life, body, and home with a positive opportunistic attitude.

So, Suzie I want you to do some writing. Sit down, take a deep breath and answer some of the following questions:
Why do you keep focusing on the clutter?
Why are you “safer” keeping the clutter than throwing it away?

It could be a childhood trauma or simply conditioning from parents.

I want you to try to throw some clutter away and write about the feelings you have.
I want you to try to throw out some junk food out of your diet and write about those feelings.

In regards to my statement in earlier email:
“The more we become aligned and have integrity with our inner values such that they are automatic, the more likely we will create what we want in our life.”
I notice that I receive and give that which I value most. If my values are conflicting, then the results of my life will be conflicting. If my values are non-conflicting then my life creates peace, joy, and fun. That is why I want you to become clear on you and your inner values.

Reply to the questions above and also prioritize your values for me.

Thank you

“Ron, thank you for helping me to see clearly and to see past the clutter of all my projects and ideas. Thank you for helping me with two of my children when their health was so poor. You got them back on tract so quickly. I am amazed.”

– Phil W. WVC, UT

What are the parts of clutter?

I just asked my wife this question and she replied “Oh, PLEASE!”

So I asked my teenager, what are the parts of Clutter?

Maybe clutter is like a prepositional phrase, An English teacher told my teenager that a prepositional phrase is like – “anything that a squirrel can do to a tree Over, under, around, through.”

Clutter can be everywhere.

Where is the Clutter in your life?

Here are many examples:


On the Body: excess weight
In the Body: eating too much, eating in clutter fashion (whatever is in the refrigerator goes in)
On the counter: excess papers, to do lists, magnets all over the fridge, leftovers,
In and on the refrigerator: leftovers, magnets all over the fridge, papers on top, salad dressing bottles all used and then ignored for a century, vegetables bought and then stashed away in some bin.
In the Garage or carport: boxes leftover from your last 3 moves, homework assignments kept from yours or your children’s classes, financial records and stubs from 14 years ago in a box near the other boxes of precious things.


In the Heart: Feelings buried alive, worries, anxieties, frustrations, resentments about things that happened long ago but still pumping energy through the heart and body.


In the Mind: Beliefs of “not good enough,” not enough of anything – money, sex, love, food, etc., beliefs of “I don’t deserve” and other similar cluttering beliefs.


In Soulfulness: Trying to do too much and scattering yourself with too many projects and aspirations, Letting everyone else dictate what you are to be doing, Resenting lack of control, fearing more than trusting.

Write about what physical and nutritional Clutter that could be affecting your path to weight loss in the body and clarity in the mind, heart and home. 

“Wow, my back pain is gone. I am losing weight. I still want a new job, but you have helped me deal with this one. Thank you again.”

– Karen S. Tigard, OR

Artisan Spice Blend

Great Cooking Good Looking – Naturally Uplifting Artisan Spice Blend

The Great Cooking Good Looking Spice Blend was created to help people with digestion, moods, blood sugar, cravings, and immune health. It works and it so fun to find out, all the many ways to use the blend. In eggs, or on rice, on potatoes, on meat, or as tea. If you are feeling cold, it warms a person to their core. If you are feeling so hungry that you would eat too much, cook it with your food or drink the artisan spice tea, and it can calm the cravings quickly. It is satisfying and healthy.

We are always enjoying being creative with which foods and sauces to add the Spice Blend too. Discover your own Great Cooking with the Spice Blend.

Live Clean

Body Cleansing Support

The Live Clean supplement was created to help people with the vast functions of the liver. Because the liver is involved with so many functions (hundreds of functions) it can help you with detoxification issues, digestion problems, sleep problems, immune problems, injuries, cholesterol, weight, and even emotional and mood problems. 

  • Detoxification Issues
  • Digestion Problems
  • Sleep Problems
  • Immune Problems
  • Injuries
  • Cholesterol
  • Weight
  • Emotional & Mood Problems
  • PLUS! Releasing Rashes, Sinus Problems, Injuries, Hormonal Issues and more.

Whenever you drink, eat, take a medication, or supplement the liver is challenged. Whenever you get upset or worried the liver is challenged. Whenever you lose sleep or get sick the liver is challenged. Whenever someone overeats or eats junk food the liver is challenged. Whenever trying a major new diet, or detoxing, or fasting, or dealing with life the liver is challenged. When a person is depressed, anxious, moody the liver is involved and challenged. 

Recommended Use:

The Live Clean is a calming stabilizing supplement for the liver to help it do its job. But it is still powerful enough to make you feel some effects. So, it is wise to start with 1 capsule a day and then after a week, go to 2 or 3 a day. I recommend, using it 5 to 6 days a week, and giving the liver a rest once a week.

Week One: 1 capsule per day

Weeks Two+: 2-3 capsules per day for 5-6 days (liver rests one day)

Complimentary Products:

It is helpful to use our essential oil blends of Live Clear and Live Light.

When the body is ready to release the stuck infections or toxins, if the release is too much, slow down and even get some greens, or phytoplankton or spirulina to help nourish the body, and drink water, and get some needed sleep and rest.

Create powerful change

Live Clean has made a big difference in releasing rashes, sinus problems, injuries, hormonal issues. Remember the supplement is not the most important part – you are, your body is the boss. Listen to your body. Be good to your body. When you ignore your body or mentally beat yourself up, then that challenges the liver – it makes the process last longer and harder. Be strong with positive thoughts, caring feelings, and energetic support of your body (Breathing, resting, and healthy exercising).

Support the Mind and Body

To transform the mental-emotional contribution to liver and detoxification health go to the Mind-Body Dictionary app and look up “Liver”. There you will discover the shadow mindsets that are contributing to any liver imbalance, along with the empowering mindset to facilitate healing. You will also be able to use the affirmations to assist in creating change in your mind and heart.

Live Clear & Live Light

Live Clear and Live light Essential oils

Essential Oil Blends:

Live Clear & Live Light:

The two essential oil blends from Live by Heart, are Live Clear and Live Light. They are unique and were created to help people with their moods, anxiety, depression, burdens, overwhelm. And with the immune system that causes inflammation and physical stress.

They can be used for people with injuries and pain. They can be used for the immune system, for illness. They can be used for bug bites and body irritations. They can be used for infections, candida, fungus, and other inflammations.

The Live Clear and Light Live work together in helping the body relax and connect back to itself. They seem to affect the nervous system, thus effecting the muscles and nerves that come from the spine.

It has been amazing to find new and positive uses for these essential oil blends. These blends are highly concentrated and not diluted. If you are skin sensitive, add a carrier oil, like avocado oil to your application. We decided to create these for high function and support so use them that is best for you.

Some examples of how to use these blends are listed below:

Achy Muscles: Apply Light to the achy muscle. Apply Clear to the opposite side of the body that mirrors that same muscle. 

If it does not relax, do the opposite with Clear on the muscle and Light on the opposite side of the body.

Or, follow the muscle up to the sides of the vertebrae. Apply the Clear to the side of the vertebrae that are being pulled out of position and apply Light to the opposite side of the vertebrae.

In greater detail:

For example, if you have a Tight muscle, that is contracted then try one of the following.

  1. Put Live Clear near the vertebrae of the spine of that is being pulled out to the side. This is the muscle that is contracting because the spinal nerve is being activated too much. This will feel like the muscle is tight and contracted. Then apply Live Light to the opposite side of the vertebrae of the spine. This side of Light is probably where the muscle is getting fatigued trying to fight the constant contracting of the Clear side.
    1. Example, Tight shoulders and neck. Go to the neck and find the vertebrae that are being pulled out to the side. That is where you put Live Clear. Apply Live Light to the opposite side. Of the vertebrae of the neck.
  2. Most often, Clear goes on the tight contracted muscle, and Light goes on the achy muscle.
  3. In general, the contracted tight muscle is obeying the nervous system command to contract and not shutting off. Put the Live Clear (the blue labeled one) on the contracted muscle. 

Apply the Live Light (the green labeled one) on the same muscle that is on the opposite side of the body. For example, if the muscle is on your left leg that is too tight and contracted that is where the Clear (blue one) goes. Then the Light (green one) goes on your right leg on the muscle that is the same one but opposite leg.

  1. If that doesn’t work, then do the opposite. Apply Light to the tight muscle – it might be the achy and weakened muscle. Then Apply Clear to the opposite muscle on the other side of the body.
  2. Another option is to find the beginning of the muscle and put Live Light on that area. Find the end of the muscle and put Live Clear there. 
    1. How do you know the beginning or end of the muscle? You can look it up on the internet. Or, learn a few facts: most muscles start and end with a joint or point of movement. The end of the muscle will pull the body to move or change. Like a rope, the end of the muscle is the end of the rope, as the rope contracts it pulls the bone that it is attached to towards you. The beginning of the muscle will not move that area, it is like the root of the tree stable and waiting for the end of rope to bring the other area of the body closer to it.

Injuries (New or Old): Put Live Light on the injury. Also, apply Light to Spleen 6. Apply Live Clear to Triple Heater 8 (San Jiao 8). 

Allergies: Apply Light around the upper lip and under the nose. 

Apply Clear to Liver 8, Liver 14, Kidney 3, Lung 7, Sacrum S2 to S4, Toes, Small Intestines 7

Apply Light to Liver 3, Kidney 6

If headache, add Light to the front of the forehead, and Clear to the back of the head.

Adrenal Stress: Overwhelmed, difficulty staying asleep, getting too fatigued.

Use during the day, not at bedtime: 

Apply Clear to Small Intestines 15 and Kidney 11. Apply Light to Small Intestines 19.

Fungus or Candida overgrowth:

Apply Clear to Large Intestines 7, Kidney 13 and Sacrum S2 to S4, and to the Toes. 

Apply Light to Kidney 15 and LI 3

Dry Headache: use fungus/candida overgrowth points AND add Light on headache area and Clear on opposite side of head.

Athlete’s foot: Apply Clear to Toes. (Experiment with adding the fungus points).


There are several types of arthritis. So, experiment.

Apply Clear to the joint or joints that are inflamed.

Apply Light to Pericardium 6, Triple Heater 5 (San Jiao 5), Small Intestines 8

Apply Clear to Spleen 4, Gall Bladder 41, Bladder 40

Addictive habits: Apply Clear to Lu 7 and Light to Ki 6

Anxiety or Depression:

For feelings of being anxious and too worried or feeling a down and possible depression

  1. Apply Light to Pericardium 6, and Clear to Spleen 4


  1. Apply Clear to Gall Bladder 12 and to Pericardium 3. And apply Light to Bladder 55 and to Kidney 3


  1. If really anxious, add Light to Kidney 21

Itching from Mosquitos bites or Bug Bites: apply Clear to the itchy injured area.

Inflamed and festering little wound: – Clear on the Wound and/or around the wound. And apply Light on the opposite side of the body that matches the wounded area.

Headache at your forehead: Light on the area, and Clear on the back of the head that is the polar opposite. Clear on the Sacrum S2 to S4.

Headache on top of your head: – Clear on the toes, on the Sacrum. Apply Light on the top of the head, and Central Vessel 17 (Ren 17). (consider the fungus locations).

A great site on the internet to look up point locations is:


More Information: 

Irritable bowel syndrome: Clear on Kidney 4, Light on Large intestines 7

Pain at Low Back: Clear on Kidney 3, Light on Spleen 3