The Freedom Cycle enables a person to create abundance and prosperity without the intense struggle that is behind most individuals in society. Most live a life of conflicting beliefs and frustrations. Desiring opposing things and frustrated that goals just are not achieved or satisfaction is not there when they thought that they have arrived.

Consider the article on Prosperity that is a part of one of the Empowerlife.com courses.

Money is a symbol in the western culture for position, for entertainment, for power, status, for survival, for fun, for greed, for assistance, for education level and for many other things. Whether money means these things to you or not is dependent upon both your personal experience as well as your family and community influence. Most people do not take into account the cultural and inherited beliefs that influence them. They think that the only affect that money has on them is the fact that they do not have enough. So if they work harder, learn more, cheat more, beg more or whatever more they will have more money for whatever they want of more. Their focus is on two things: I want more money and I donít have enough. Or the focus could be money is evil, money is beyond my reach, money is not for me.

Prosperity and Abundance is not built on the quantity of money but first on the quality of the heart and mind of the person creating the money. The quantity comes with ease comparatively when the quality is created first. There is work and growth whether a person is in abundance or in poverty consciousness. But the work of a person in abundance is lighter, more fun, more fulfilling than a person in survival and poverty thinking. I have met people whose income is small but live in more abundance than people making 10 times that much. I enjoy meeting people from all walks of life whether they create small or substantially large incomes that live in gratitude, contribution, awareness and full abundance.

The key is in the heart, mind, body and spiritual alignment within. It is the processing of beliefs and emotions that are stuck and holding you back into a creation of newness, clarity, and focus of beliefs and emotions. The old can assist if you learn wisdom. The old can deter if you blame or deny.

Why are beliefs and emotions so important? Because the mind and the function of the body is substantially influenced by them. Everything the flows through the body either from the mind or the behavior goes through the sensory areas that include the Limbic system.

Limbic is an emotional part of the brain. It was created in evolution for the survival of the species. This survival is essential. Without emotions such as fear or anger the passive actions would result in death. However, intense emotions might also cause intense results. In more modern times, humans developed a way to manage their emotions internally. This is good. However some management results in denial and suppression. There is a happy medium. A balance. Emotions can and do benefit those who clear the burdens of them and use them to accelerate and facilitate their intentions.

Just like emotions, Beliefs influence behavior and creation of prosperity. There is always an emotion attached to the belief. However, a beliefs are so powerfully set in the culture and body unless they are addressed the emotions and undesirable behavior returns. Thus, to clear and clean out the burdens and baggage both beliefs and emotions must be addressed.

Consider something simple that comes up that you want to clear in your life, such as, I want to be wealthy. However, when you think of wealth it brings up memories of Mom or Dad saying "The Rich are Proud and Money is Evil." If that belief is embedded in your subconscious then every time you try to invest or do business it could influence the outcome. It is like you dirty the stream of energy that the universe sends to you. Or it could be diverting the stream of energy that the universe is sending you. Diverting it to poverty instead of abundance. It is not the universe that is causing the problem. The universe or God will always give you the desire of your heart. In other words, God will always send you the energy and gifts you desire based upon the path you have created to receive that energy.

If that path is full of fear, beliefs that money is evil, emotion of trauma, etc., then the energy is tainted and influenced and the result is not clean, clear and powerful. In order to have the fullness of prosperity and abundance it is necessary to clean up the path within.

"I love it. Ron has helped me get the business I want, the house I want. He has helped my kids with their health and their minds. Thanks Ron I don't know what we would do without you."

- Brook M. Bountiful, UT

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