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Sensory Dynamics and Empowerlife

Sensory Dynamics Institute
and Empowerlife
8817 S. Redwood Rd, Suite C
West Jordan, UT. 84088

Classes Available

Intuitive Weight–loss Taught by Ron Wayman

An introduction to our Weight Loss program that includes; How to listen to your body, Nutrition made easy, and other helps that assist you in completing your personal goals.
This is a great way of finding your empowerment through weight loss, balanced eating, and listening to your body.

Headache Release Self-Help-Taught by Desiree Robinson

Different Acupressure Techniques that can help you relieve headaches and pain. Come learn some simple acupressure protocols that help relive pain.

Nutrition and “The Cold and Flu Season”- Taught by Ron Wayman

How to build the body and cleanse the system during the season of colds and fevers. Know Foods and nutritional supports that assist the body during the colder winter months. Also any nutritional questions will be answered to those who attend for any health related issues.

Simple Pain Relief-Taught by Ron Wayman

Different Techniques that can help you help yourself reduce pain. Also some interesting insights on pain from Ron's years of experience with helping clients find relief from there emotional and/or physical pain.

Abundance in daily life-Taught by Ron Wayman

Fun with creating an abundant life with money, relationships, and health. This is a class of looking at beliefs and changing them to benefit you in your daily life. When your mind and heart are congruent with your goals abundance is creates with ease. Come and learn!

Brain Gym Learning Techniques-Desiree Robinson

Quick and Easy techniques that improve learning,balance and brain integration.

Energy Kinesiology Basics ; How & Why- Taught by Cindy Workman

Come learn how Energy Kinesiology works. How does muscle testing work? Learn fun and informative techniques on understanding how you can influence energy in your body.

Understanding and Experiencing the Holographic Feeling of Energy through Sensory Alignment-Taught by Lauren Brant

Lauren will give free 30min sessions on the sensory integration motion and light table. A profound experience for many individuals. Sensory integration can assist learning, depression, focus, spiritual growth, as well as, most other health or emotional issues.

Simple Stress Relief Massage-Taught By Laraine Broschinsky

Come and get some great stress relief techniques you can use on yourself or partner. Learn about how to stimulate your lymphatic system and feel great.

What’s a “GREEN SMOOTHY”?-Taught by Loraine Broschinsky

Learn how adding this drink to your daily diet can bring amazing results. Come and learn, come and taste!

The Story of the Sacred Tree-Taught by Susan Kaye Sorensen

How the Native American Medicine Wheel can help you heal.

Warrior-King or Priestly-Advisor?-Taught by Susan Kaye Sorensen

Helping you discover your true identity and purpose in life.

The Neurological Levels- Taught by Susan Kaye Sorensen

An NLP process you can use to solve everyday problems at home or work.

The Creative Journey Within- Taught by Susan Kaye Sorensen

Discover, teach and love your talented inner self!

Teaching to Your Child’s Learning Style- Taught by Susan Kaye Sorensen

Discover six ways to make your child’s path a happier one.

Your Red Chakra- Taught by Susan Kaye Sorensen

Learn how your body’s first energy center can save your life!

Caring for Your Nervous System- Taught by Susan Kaye Sorensen

Tips for reducing sensory overload in an over-stimulating world.


Ronald Wayman-Energy Kinesiologist & Life Coach
Founder: Sensory Dynamics Institute and Empowerlife

Cindy Workman- L.M.T., Energy Kinesiologist

Desiree Robinson- M.Ed., L.M.T

Laraine Broschinsky-L.M.T

Lauren Brant-Hypnotherapist, Sensory Training Facilitator

Susan Kaye Sorensen- Certified Behavioral Consultant

Sensory Learning Table Sessions –See Lauren

Polarity Point Energy Release-See Laraine

Zero Balancing –See Desiree

Reiki-See Cindy, Desiree

Craniosacral Therapy-See Desiree, Cindy, Laraine

Brain-Gym-See Desiree, Cindy

Touch For Health Balancing-See Cindy

Chair Massages – Free All Day – Ask any of the Massage Therapists

Come and ask questions or just to visit in this Customer Appreciation Open House.

Sensory Dynamics Institute
and Empowerlife
8817 S. Redwood Rd, Suite C
West Jordan, UT. 84088

"Wow, my back pain is gone. I am losing weight. I still want a new job, but you have helped me deal with this one. Thank you again."

- Karen S. Tigard, OR

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