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Pills are everywhere. Especially in most peopleís homes. What is good? What is bad? Why so many?

There are two paths to consider. One is Biological. The other is Emotional/Mental.

The Biological view is that most vitamins and minerals are not valuable if they can not be utilitized. You can take the best vitamin and mineral and if the body can not assimilate them most of them wash out.

But how do you utilize all those vitamin pills? Minerals and vitamins are usually catalysts in the body. They need protein and sometimes lipids to utilize them. Of course that is protein that is digested and usable. Often it is best to add a professional food/plant enzyme to the diet to assist the body in digesting proteins and fats so that these vitamins and minerals can also be used.

Then why supplement with vitamins and minerals? If you are not getting a balanced diet and if you are stressed, the body uses more minerals and vitamins. Especially the B vitamin family and the electrolyte minerals. These minerals include magnesium, calcium, potassium, and sodium. As well as, multiple trace minerals. But include a method of digesting your food so that both the proteins, fats, vitamins and minerals can be utilized or else the money for those supplements might go down the drain, literally.

The Emotional/Mental view for those who have to many pills in their cupboards is that a person might be in a Vicious Cycle. A conflicting belief and emotional cycle that causes no true and no long term answers. The beliefs could include "I need to get well but I canít.

I am afraid of having perfect health because my spouse will expect me to do all those honey-dos. Or I am afraid of getting something new if I donít try everything new (which causes the cabinet to be full of new and only partially used bottles).

Other emotional sabotaging situations include emotional memories that get stored in body so deep that it causes physical symptoms that are very difficult to heal. Often called iodiopathic conditions, these symptoms actually are not fake, but a product of emotional trauma stored deep within the body. These traumas include major abuse issues and include what may seem minor embarrasements or fears but the individual stored them with emotional and mental intensity.

When I coach individuals, the physical and emotional trauma combination is more about the uniqueness for each person than judgments of what should or should not be. For example, Sara was worried that she would not graduate from college and she developed fibromygia after she did graduate and she could not clear up the problem until she worked through her emotional memories and physically took care of herself. In contrast, Peter was in an auto accident then kept in laid up for several months, did not develop the muscle problems that Sara did, just some lingering back and neck problems that also needed some energy kinesiology, nutrition, chiropractic, and emotional processing.

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"Thanks to Ron I can do so much more. I have had major pain in my body for most of my life. Ron helped me get rid of most of it and know how to manage the rest of it. And even better than that, I can deal better with my family and the emotional trauma that used to bring."

- Marlene P. Portland, OR

Weight Loss

Weight Loss is such a confusing thing in our world. There are pills and potions, programs and spas. It is true exercise is a key to losing weight. Exercise is good for everyone. But most either need more than the exercise program or they donít have the motivation to even get up and do it.

Weight Loss is a four point program:
Mind/Heart (Emotions/Mental)

The supplementation part may not be needed if the first three are in perfect order. But for most they are not. So be wise on what you take and how you take it. I am a proponent of enzymes, good fats, good proteins, and light amount of carbohydrates.

Yes, some carbohydrates might be good. Because the body needs some carbohydrates for emotional wellbeing and for its bio-chemical processing. However, excessive carbs donít cut it. Most get more fat from the carbs than from fats.

There are so many diets that choosing becomes a chore. Consider the site below for a diet plan that is simple but profound if followed.

Mind/Heart connection is part of the Freedom Cycle vs. the Vicious Cycle. Most people with weight issues do not lose weight because of this. They re-create their problems over and over again because of continual negative belief and debilitating emotions issues such as "I donít love myself, I am afraid of men (or women), I am not good enough, I will never be able to keep up, so why try, I hate myself, I love food more than this diet, and many more."

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